Reni Papalexiou

From a very young age I have been passionate about all things visual and design, and have been professionally practicing Design and Architecture for over 14 years. I love the quality of spaces and the tangible and intangible aspects that shape them and create a sense of place. It is my design sensibility and passion to create spaces paired with the delight of hosting and entertaining that led to the inception of Sun Served Bespoke Picnics.

At Sun Served, we curate the space for the guests to simply enjoy ‘being’ in the space. We provide Bespoke Picnics at the beach, park, boat, bayfront, hotel/rental, private residence, or venue. We set up, clean up, guests simply arrive and enjoy the experience.

Our Bespoke Gifts line of products offer customized and personalized flower boxes and balloons for all occasions to accentuate the gift experience with elegance and quality. We can also customize a gift for your specific needs as an individual and/or as a business.

With all attention to detail on everything we provide, our Bespoke Picnics services and Bespoke Gifts products adopt principles of contemporary design, chic and elegant configurations and are experience centric.

Remember your Occasions - Invest in Experiences!

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Reni Papalexiou

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